Sidewalk Strip Replacement Options

Many folks in our community would like to update their sidewalk strip for easy maintenance and to improve aesthetics in this area.  The sidewalk strip is the area between the sidewalk and street.  For those who would like to pursue this change, we’d like to encourage folks to use drought tolerant landscaping and plants.

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Update on Parke 27 Retail and Office Development on FM 620

Update on Parke 27 Retail and Office Development on FM 620

At the Canyon Creek regular HOA board meeting on last Monday evening (May 14), a limited amount of time was devoted to discussing the planned new retail/office complex that will be located on the west side of FM 620, located essentially between the existing CVS at 620/2222 and the Home Depot near Vista Parke Dr. As previously reported, while this will bring some desirable new retail and other services to our community, this will have a significant potential impact on traffic congestion and traffic safety when completed. The HOA is carefully monitoring this planned development and has been in several meetings to date with both the developer rep's as well as City of Austin staff. The developer has made a very significant concession at our request. Namely, that only right-in/right-out turns will be allowed into the three shopping center driveways planned to face FM 620. This will prevent left turns against oncoming traffic that will cause mayhem at peak traffic periods.

The following is a quick update on what is currently being planned for this retail/office center:

-Staybridge Suites (3-story hotel)
-Discount Tire Center
-CleanFreak car wash
-Playhouse Pre-School
-An unidentified bank
-An unidentified restaurant (3750 sq. ft.)
-Panda Express
-A four building retail office complex (approx. 100k sq. ft.)
-Various smaller retail shops

This development site plan is expected to be resubmitted to the city planners by mid-June 2018 with construction anticipated to start in 2019 after receiving city approvals. We will post future updates to the community on this development as newsworthy events take place.

Randy Lawson

May 14 Q2 CCHOA Meeting Slides and Bathhouse Renovation Update

This document presents an outline of the Q2 CCHOA meeting held on May 14 2018 and gives an important update on the bathhouse renovation. The first half of the meeting covered topics such as Firewise clean up, Spectrum Management's report, violation notices, Traffic safety and control.  The later half of the meeting the Board presented a new option, named "Option 2.5", to the bathhouse renovation project. Residents can read the details about this option, along with the budget breakdown, reserve breakdown, and renovation timeline starting at page 27 of the PDF document. Please send your comments, suggestions, and questions to regarding the information in this PDF document.

Thank You Greenbelt / Firewise Volunteers!

Thank You to the 24 Canyon Creek volunteers (Tony and Logan Booth, Robert Canik, Glen "Tex" Chalemin, Shaohui Chen, John Conners, Sid Edwards, Zuojiaig Vincint Fan, Lauri and Frank Fischer, Brett Funderburg, Helen Gu, Eric Guthrie, ML & Russ Jakala, Randy Lawson, Gladys Poorte, Richard Rutner, Michele and Noel Sandlin, Sashi & Roshan Mara, Cheng Wooster) that helped with Greenbelt / Firewise cleanup this weekend.  Amazing work!  

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Pool is now OPEN

The Canyon Creek pool is temporarily closed due to an issue with the badge access system. The HOA board is working with Spectrum to correct this situation as soon as possible. We will post a notice when this issue has been resolved.

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Parke 27 Development

For those who have not yet heard, there will be a new shopping center built in our area called “Parke 27”. This shopping center will be located on the 27 acre tract of land that is on the west side of FM 620 extending from just north of the CVS at the 2222/620 intersection all the way up to Vista Parke Dr near the Home Depot.

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Spring lawn and landscape compliance tips

With Spring just around the corner, Site Manager inspections will begin to focus more attention on landscape appearance and maintenance. Under the Master Declaration of the Association, all owners, at their own expense, are obligated to keep their Lot in good condition and repair and in a well-maintained, clean and attractive condition at all times. Failure to comply with the association's restrictive covenants can result in fines levied under the association's fine policy. As a reminder, penalties can begin accruing after only one courtesy notice. To help residents comply and avoid fines, the board has prepared the following information on appearance and maintenance expectations.

Landscape Maintenance and General Appearance

An Owner's Lot must be kept neat and tidy in appearance. Lawns must be kept mowed, edged and free of weeds and trash. Planters and beds must be kept free of weeds, leaves and other debris. Some latitude is permitted for seasonal leaf shedding. Shrubs and trees must be kept trimmed and attractive. Any dead foliage or limbs must be removed promptly. Nothing on an Owner's Lot must be allowed to become overgrown or unmaintained. Owners with xeriscaping are reminded that "low-maintenance" does not mean "no-maintenance." Xeriscaped beds must be equally maintained, edged and kept free of weeds, leaves and other debris.

Sufficient water must be applied to the landscaping, in accordance with any mandatory watering schedule in effect, to maintain the sod and plantings on the Lot. Landscape irrigation systems must be kept in good working order. Sod must not be allowed to die due to lack of water. Bare spots are not allowed although some latitude is permitted in heavily shaded yards where sod is difficult to grow. In this case, it may be more attractive to create a bed and to mulch or use shade tolerant plants. Be aware that construction of new beds requires an application to and review by the Architectural Review Committee.

Driveways, sidewalks and curbs must be kept edged and free of clippings and leaves. All hardscape including driveways, sidewalks, curbs, planters, retaining walls, etc. must be kept free of weeds, grasses or other plants within expansion joints, seams, etc. Sidewalks must be kept clear of shrubbery overgrowth and overhanging limbs so as not to obstruct the walkway.

Residents are also prohibited from discarding yard waste, brush, compost, trash or any other item on any Greenbelt or Amenity Area. This applies equally to Owners of Lots bordering the Greenbelt. The City of Austin provides weekly yard waste collection and twice annual large brush collection for this purpose.


Fences must be kept attractive and in good repair. Each owner must promptly repair and replace any missing, broken or rotted fence pickets, posts and gates. Fencing must not be allowed to lean or sag excessively. Gates must be kept closed except when entering or exiting. Wooden fencing may be stained upon prior approval by the Architectural Review Committee. If a fence is already stained, repairs must be similarly stained. Stain must be maintained from time to time due to the effects of natural weathering and sprinkler spray.

Trash and Recycling Containers

These may be placed at the curb no earlier than 8pm the evening before the designated collection day and returned to their storage area no later than 8pm on the day of collection. At all other times, carts must be screened from view and not visible from the street. Use of privacy screens for carts is permitted but requires prior approval by the Architectural Review Committee.

Thank you for helping us keep Canyon Creek looking its best. If you have questions about these requirements or need to report a violation, please reach out to the board at anytime.