Trailhead Park - Call for volunteers

The Austin Parks Foundation has contacted the HOA Board to offer itself as a resource for anyone interested in Trailhead Park. APF is a local non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in Austin and Travis County by filling the city’s funding and resource gap needed to develop, maintain and enhance the area’s parks, trails and green spaces.

The APF co-manages Austin's Adopt-A-Park program with Austin Parks and Recreation Department and is seeking a group with interest in adopting Trailhead Park though the Adopt-A-Park program. Although Trailhead Park is managed by the City of Austin, Canyon Creek HOA is interested in exploring this further and is seeking volunteers from the neighborhood who want to learn more about this program and would be interested in helping to form and lead this effort.

APF has a number of resources, including a tool warehouse, grants to help fund community-initiated park improvement projects, and volunteer management expertise, that are available to neighborhood groups that wish to see improvements made to their parks. If you'd like to help explore this opportunity with us, please e-mail the HOA board at and we will set up a get-to-know you meeting with the APF program manager to learn more and determine how we would like to move forward.