Proxy: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Photo: Alberto Garcia via Flickr

Photo: Alberto Garcia via Flickr

The annual meeting is coming up and even if you're unable to attend the membership meeting and election, you can still vote by proxy. Under the governing documents for Canyon Creek, the Board of Directors is empowered to conduct most of the Association's business including setting the budget and any assessment amounts without a vote of the Members. Therefore, in most years, the only ballot item for Members to vote on is the election of directors. Nevertheless, it is still important that you are represented at the meeting through your proxy.

A proxy is the written authorization that allows one person to appoint another (the proxy holder) to vote on his or her behalf. State law and the association’s governing documents specify that the association can use proxy voting. Proxies are an important component of our annual meeting in that they allow members to be represented at the meeting without being present. This in turn lets the association more easily meet the quorum requirement and conduct business without having to go through the process of adjourning and rescheduling the meeting for a later date as it must do when quorum is unmet.

Why would you use a proxy? Maybe you’re traveling during the election or have other obligations that prevent you from attending the meeting, but you still want your voice to be heard and be counted at the meeting.

If you’re interested in using a paper proxy ballot, check the meeting materials sent out by the manager. Within, you'll find the form for designating your proxy and voting for directors. If you are unable to locate your materials, you may also request one from the manager or any board member.

On the form, cite the name and address of the individual (the Proxy Agent) you’re appointing to cast your vote. If you do not name an agent, the HOA Secretary will act as your agent. Then list your name, and address at the bottom, select the names of any directors you wish to cast your vote for and sign and date the form. You may leave the form with your agent to bring to the meeting, return the form to the manager, or drop it in the HOA drop box at 11009 Andenwood Drive.

The association can only accept one proxy form per person, so be sure to fill out your form accurately. By only accepting one official form, the association doesn’t need to check each proxy to determine if it's legally sufficient. It also eliminates any potential problems if the vote is close. If you later decide to attend the meeting in person, you may revoke your proxy when you check in for the meeting.

Just be aware that by assigning your proxy to another person, you’ve authorized the proxy holder to vote for you as he or she sees fit. The proxy holder is responsible for voting or abstaining from a vote.

As an added convenience, the Association is offering the ability to cast your ballot electronically. Information on how to do so is included with the meeting materials from the manager.