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Welcome to Canyon Creek in Austin, Texas. This website is sponsored by the Canyon Creek Homeowners' Association. Canyon Creek is a managed community by Spectrum Association Management (website SpectrumAM.com). Please contact Spectrum Association Management for any member account support and service maintenance requests. You may also contact Spectrum Association Management by phone at (512) 834-3900, or by email contact@spectrumAM.com.

This website is updated frequently to keep you informed about several aspects of our HOA.

  • News and Comments: You can read the latest news here, write your thoughts, questions, and suggestions in the Comment section under each piece of news, and subscribe to receive email notifications immediately when new comments and answers are added.

  • Amenities: Here you can find detailed information about all amenities in our community. There are many resources available for you to enjoy life within Canyon Creek!

  • Community: You will find here useful information about our community life in Canyon Creek, from the Calendar of events and meetings to details about how to use HOA services like the Entry Sign and how to participate in HOA initiatives like the FireWise Plan.

  • About us: You can read about how our Homeowners' Association works, and find all the contact information that you need. Please get to know your HOA Board of Directors and the Architecture Review Committee, check out the HOA governing documents, stay informed about the discussions at the HOA meetings, and see how you can join our wonderful volunteers to improve our community. Here you can also find detailed contact information for the management company, Spectrum Association Management, that our HOA employs for its day-to-day operations.

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