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Fire Risks & Fireworks

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is the Canyon Creek Firewise plan?
    A: Canyon Creek is surrounded on three sides by natural wooded area which presents a natural fire risk.  To protect your own property and that of your neighbors, please review and comply with the Canyon Creek Firewise plan and resources
  2. Q: Are Fireworks allowed in any part of the Canyon Creek neighborhood?
    A: No.  The City of Austin has adopted an ordinance forbidding the storage, use, and handling of fireworks within the City of Austin.  The Austin Fire Department has aggressively sought compliance with this ordinance.  Canyon Creek (including the Community Center, Pool Area, Trailhead Park, and Greenbelt) is completely contained with the City of Austin and must comply with its ordinances.
  3. Q: Who do I call to report the Fireworks?
    A: Dial 311 to report the use of fireworks.  Dial 911 in case of fire or any immediate risk to property damage.