Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: May I park on the street?
    A: While you should make every attempt to park in your garage and driveway, parking in the street is allowed during daytime hours (6 am to midnight). Overnight street parking is not allowed.

  2. Q: Are there limitations as to where I can park?
    A: See the Texas Property Code 545.302 for a full legal description, but in general you may not park:

    • between existing parked vehicles and traffic lanes (double park),

    • on a sidewalk,

    • within 30 feet of a safety zone and the adjacent curb or

    • within 20 feet of an intersection,

    • within 20 feet of a crosswalk

    • within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

    • on a bridge (such as the bridge near Trailhead Park)

  3. Q: May I anonymously report vehicles parked overnight on my street?
    A: Yes. Send a note to with the specifics. Please be sure to include a simple mobile phone picture of the vehicle, street address, vehicle make, model, & color, frequency and any other relevant information.

  4. Q: May I anonymously report vehicles parked improperly on my street?
    A: Reports to are kept confidential. Read below for clarifications for “parked improperly” and make an attempt to report the violation to the authority with the proper jurisdiction. Send an email with the specifics to and request that your report be anonymous.

Additional Information

Canyon Creek DCCR Parking Restrictions

See the Canyon Creek DCCR document Article 3.15 Unsightly Articles and Article 3.16 Mobile Homes.  Members should park their vehicles in their garage with the garage doors closed.  This allows for the maximum margin of safety to members property, allow for the safe passage of pedestrians & street traffic and provide for the greatest curb appeal of your home.  If a member has more vehicles than garage bays, members should park the excess vehicles in their driveway without blocking sidewalks.  Overnight street parking is not permitted.  Members may report parking violations to  Members may be fined for Canyon Creek DCCR parking violations.

City of Austin Parking Laws

Members must also follow City of Austin Vehicle Abatement laws.  If the vehicle is visibly inoperable (flat tires, severely wrecked, dismantled, etc.) or illegally parked (left wheel to curb, too close to the intersection, too far out from the curb, to close to a stop sign, fire hydrant, facing against the flow of traffic, etc), or expired registration / inspection sticker it may be reported to the City of Austin Vehicle Abatement department at or by calling (512) 974-8119, or calling through the Austin311 app.  Members may have their vehicles impounded and sold at auction by the City of Austin.

Texas Transportation Code, Title 7, Vehicles and Traffic, Subtitle C. Rules of the Road, Chapter 545 Operation and Movement of Vehicles Subchapter A. General Provisions

See the Texas Transportation Code for ordinances stipulated by the State of Texas. Please note that independent of Canyon Creek DCCR restrictions and City of Austin ordinances, Texas Transportation Codes must be followed. Notable are:

  • 545.303(a) Parking within 18” of the curb.

  • 545.303(b) Parking in the direction of traffic (i.e. on the right of the road).

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