Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: May I advertise for my business with a sign in my yard or on my house?
    A: No

  2. Q: May a company or contractor for which I have hired place a sign in my yard before, during or after the work is complete?
    A: No. This includes insect control services, pool construction contractors, etc.

  3. Q: May my son or daughter put a team spirit or team sign (i.e. band) in the yard?
    A: Yes.

  4. Q: May political signage be displayed?
    A: Yes, but in compliance with Texas Property Code Title 11, Section 202.009, only within the time window of 90 days before and 10 days after the candidates election. For example: For an election on November 6, 2018, the signage for a candidate in that election may be displayed from August 8th, 2018 through November 16th, 2018. Other restrictions apply so you should read the property code if doing anything more that simply displaying a sign for the candidate.

  5. Q: May I place signs for non-profit, school-related, etc. activities and events in the Canyon Creek common areas (along Boulder Lane, Community Center property, etc.)?

    A: The Canyon Creek DCCR document Article 3.3 Signs prohibits the placement of signs on any Association common area.

Additional Information

In general signage is not allowed (especially business signage) in Canyon Creek.  See the Canyon Creek DCCR document Article 3.3 Signs.  Key exceptions as noted:

  • School spirit and team signage for elementary, middle, high school and collage teams are allowed. This signage is in demonstration of support for our children's athletic and team efforts (i.e. band). College spirit flags are typically displayed during basketball and football seasons, though there is no restriction on when.

  • Political Signage which may may not be displayed earlier than 90 days before a candidates election or later than 10 days after a candidates election. Additional restrictions apply. See 202.009. REGULATION OF DISPLAY OF POLITICAL SIGNS of the Texas CONSTRUCTION AND ENFORCEMENT OF RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS

  • Real Estate signage may be displayed for actively listed property. "Open House" signage placed in common areas, should be removed after the open house engagement is complete.

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